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Closetluna™ Heated Leg Massager

Closetluna™ Heated Leg Massager

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Struggling with sore, achy and swollen legs and feet?

The Heated Leg Massagers will eliminate all pain, discomfort and swelling in just 10 minutes a day, or your money back!


  • Boost Circulation:

    Uses heated massage to improve blood flow, combating the effects of diabetes, swelling, aches & pains.

  • Instantly Relieves Pain:

    Reduces tension & tightness while circulating blood through the legs for improved recovery & pain relief.

  • Reduces Swelling:

    Healthy circulation + compression helps to reduce swelling and heal injuries for faster recovery times.

Transform your health with the world’s #1 rated leg massager. Enjoy a blissful leg massage that relieves leg pain, improves circulation and guides you into a world of relaxation.

Recommended By Healthcare Professionals To Treat Pain, Swelling & Discomfort


Imagine having a physical therapist on-call at your house 7 days a week, specifically dedicated to making your legs feel healthy and fresh.

Always ready to provide near-instant relief when you need it most. After a long day of work, or immediately after waking up while you're still checking your phone. 

Using knowledge from years of research to apply pressure on all the right muscles, and nerves to relieve RLS, stiffness, fatigue, and much more. 

What kind of impact could this have on your life? Less pain, worrying, and stress. More strength, optimism, and enjoyable moments!


Did you know frequent massages over a consistent period of time can have HUGE benefits?

It's true.

However, spending upwards of $2500-$3000 and 30+ hours per month for daily massages is only possible for rich people with nothing to do. 

That's where air compression becomes the best option. Combining sequential compression with reflexology, you're able to get a precisely calculated massage with the push of a button. 

Each session will stimulate hard-to-reach pressure points, muscles, and nerves in a specific sequence designed to increase blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients in your legs.

Leaving them fresh, energized, and ready for anything life throws at you.


Made for both men and women, this device was meticulously crafted to be simple and enjoyable to use. 

Choose from 3 custom massage modes, 2 different intensities, and various heating levels to create a perfectly tailored massage for you. 

The adjustable easy on-and-off Velcro wrap fits any leg size and makes it great for sharing with other family members.

This device is also 100% wireless, so you aren't stuck near a power outlet or restricted with tangled cords, which means you can recover while working, driving, or pretty much doing anything. 


✅ Improved Blood Circulation

✅ Reduction In Pain/Soreness

✅ Decreased Muscle Fatigue

✅ Better Range Of Motion

Unexpected Benefits:

✅ Healthier Sleep Patterns

✅ Stress & Anxiety Reducer

✅ Posture & Balance Improvement

✅ Headache & Migraine Prevention

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